Temperature Controlled Storage Solutions

Industrial refrigeration for food, beverages & pharmaceuticals

Experience a turnkey solution to temperature control

We design, install and maintain industrial refrigeration systems you can rely on.

We carefully assess and comprehend your requirements before commissioning the latest temperature-controlled technology.

Create & preserve the perfect environment

Industrial refrigeration plays a pivotal role in the success of frozen and chilled food manufacturers.

Whether you need to maintain precise temperature control in production areas or facilitate the swift cooling of cooked ready meals, we can help reduce energy consumption and achieve a cost-effective life cycle.

Automate every cooling process

Optimise the operation of all your industrial refrigeration and cooling with a bespoke system programmed to your exact needs.

Prevent waste, drive down costs and regulate temperatures automatically.

Effortless freshness for food production

Prevent spoilage. Preserve the quality of perishables. Maintain freshness.

We can help you uphold the highest Food Hygiene standards by preventing and eliminating contamination risks.

Intelligent technology combined with over 200 years’ experience

Minimise waste and cut your energy costs with our bespoke industrial refrigeration solutions. We undertake projects across the UK & Ireland.

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